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Vacuum Annealing Furnace

This vacuum annealing furnace is mainly applied for annealing different kind of transformer cores such as CRGO silicon cores, amorphous cores, etc. The purpose of this heat treatment furnace is to release inner stress and improve core permeability, thereby reducing transformer iron losses. This vacuum annealing furnace mainly consists of vacuum furnace, heating system, vacuum pump system, water cooling system, air cooling system, nitrogen inflation system, electrical control system, etc.

Main features
1. This heat treatment furnace is a horizontal furnace that is equipped with front-load trolley, convenient for loading and unloading.
2. Nickel chromium alloy heating elements enjoy high quality and long service life. This vacuum annealing furnace has the advantages of uniform heating temperature, fast temperature rise and high heating efficiency.
3. Blower fan is designed inside the furnace to increase temperature uniformity, cut down processing time and increase productivity.
4. Our vacuum annealing furnace is equipped with PID temperature control units to accurately control the temperature.
5. The annealing progress of this heat treatment furnace is controlled by PLC, with the cycle curve and process data can be displayed and saved.

Radiator Production Line (Radiator Forming Machine)

No. Item Parameter
1 Internal Dimensions (L × W × H) 2000 × 1800 × 1800mm
2 Max. Load Capacity About 5T
3 Max. Heating Temperature 900ºC for CRGO cores 400ºC for amorphous cores
4 Working Temperature 780 - 820ºC 360 - 380ºC
5 Heating Power 90 - 150kW
6 Temperature Control PID temperature control
7 Temperature Control Precision ±2ºC
8 Temperature Uniformity ±5ºC
9 Temperature Rise of Furnace Surface 35ºC + ambient temperature
10 Ultimate Vacuum 30Pa
11 Working Vacuum 500Pa
12 Vacuum Leakage Speed 50Pa.L/s
13 Cooling Water Consumption 10 - 12t/h (water pressure 0.4MPa)
14 Control System Mitsubishi / Siemens PLC
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