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Automatic Coil Winding Machine

This automatic coil winding machine is used to make HV winding coils for transformers of different capacities. Our automatic coil winder adopts automatic wire-arrangement and tension technology. This automatic coil winding machine is suitable for middle and small distribution transformers, inductors, reactors, etc. It consists of winding main machine, wire-arrangement device, layer insulation feeding device, adjustable tension force pay-off stands, pneumatic system, PLC and servo control, etc. Our automatic coil winder has the advantages of high automation, multiple functions, strong power, etc.

Main Features
1. This automatic coil winding machine adopts hard gear parallel axis transmission system to ensure high efficiency and low noise.
2. Motor of this automatic coil winder has braking function, sensitive and reliable.
3. Our automatic coil winding machine adopts inverter speed control, reliable in starting and braking.
4. One set of square shaft is designed.
5. PLC control, servo & ball screw driving wire arrangement.
6. Parameters can be pre-set on the touch screen, convenient to operate.

Radiator Production Line (Radiator Forming Machine)

No Item GRX600 GRX800 GRX1200
1 Center 850mm 850mm 950mm
2 Winding Mandrel Length 750mm 950mm 1350mm
3 Working Torque Max: 1500N.M Max: 2000N.M Max: 3000N.M
4 Winding Speed 0 - 240r/min 0 - 240r/min 0 - 200r/min
5 Speed Adjustment Inverter control
  6   Winding Coil O.D. ≤600mm O.D. ≤800mm O.D. ≤1000mm
Axial ≤650mm Axial ≤850mm Axial ≤1250mm
Weight ≤500kg Weight ≤700kg Weight ≤1000kg
7 Main Power 3kW 4kW 5.5kW
8 Winding Turn Counting 0-9999.9 0-9999.9 0-9999.9
9 Wire Size Flat wire: max. 3 × 15mm, enamel wire: φ0.3 - 3mm
10 Wire Pitch Adjusting Min. 0.01mm
11 Control System Mitsubishi PLC, Weinview touch screen
12 Power Supply 380V±10%, 50Hz or custom made
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