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Amorphous Core Cutting Machine

The amorphous core cutting machine is mainly used for automatic cutting and stacking of amorphous alloy core. This amorphous alloy core cutting line adopts high-capacity Mitsubishi PLC control mode, servo execution system, color touch-screen HMI and high-precision mechanical transmission mechanism to ensure the machine’s high performance in automation, productivity and reliability. Our amorphous core cutting machine consists of three single-head decoilers (discharging), integrated whole base, guide trough, main frame and guide backing, feeding device, cutting bed, automatic stacking table, electronic control system, pneumatic system, etc.

Main Features
1. This amorphous alloy core cutting line adopts Mitsubishi PLC, servo system and touch screen, ensure the precision and accuracy of feeding, measuring and cutting. All production parameters can be set and adjusted on the touch screen.
2. Three decoilers can work separately or together, with each decoiler cutting a maximum of 15 layers of amorphous cores one time. Tungsten carbide cutting blade is durable enough to cut more than 1 million times.
3. Each position of the stacking layer can be pre-set to meet the stacking requirements of amorphous cores. The up and down movement is controlled by sensors.

Technical Requirements
1. Output Specifications
1) Core stacking thickness: 25 - 130mm
2) Cutting width: 140 - 230mm
3) Each core piece: fixed products 4 - 7 groups
                                distributed products 2 - 10 groups
4) Max. cutting length: 3000mm
5) Feeding speed: 5 - 80m/min
6) Cutting speed: 0 - 30times/min

2. Production Precision
1) Stacking position precision: ±0.3mm
2) Cutting length precision: ±0.3mm
3) Cutting width: 142, 170, 213mm
4) Cutting length: 300 - 3000mm
5) Cutting thickness: max. 15 layers, each 0.025mm
6) Cutting angle: 90 degree
7) Cutting angle precision: ±0.05 degree

3. Machine Requirements
1) Machine power: 10kW
2) Voltage: 380V, 50Hz, 3Phase
3) Compressed air: ≥0.6Mpa, 0.3m³/min
4) Machine overall dimensions: 13m × 2m × 2.2m

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