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Transformer Core Cutting Machine

The transformer core cutting machine is fully automatic NC controlled machine, the cutting shapes and sizes can be chosen and set on touch screen. The standard configuration of the machine has two punch and two cut, there are 45 degree and 135 degree cutting, V notching and hole punching. The servo control system we adopts Delta or Siemens as per customer need, all cutting blades are tungsten carbide. This transformer core cutting machine is suitable for all shapes of cutting for CRGO silicon cores.

Main Features
1. The feeder, cutting and V notching adopt high precision servo control system, can ensure the high speed working and accuracy cutting.
2. Convenient graphic interface operating system, easy for choosing cutting shapes, setting dimensions, modifying parameters, etc. The settings can be stored in the system, for directly using.
3. The different shapes after cutting can be automatic separated and stacked on the platform, easy for the core assembly work.
4. The transformer core cutting machine can cut yoke, limb, yoke with V notching, all types of laminated transformer core shapes. Also can straight cut the silicon cores.
5. The machine is suitable for step lap core cutting 3/5/7 steps, after setting it can automatic cut the step lap cores and stack orderly.
6. Main adopts PLC and touch screen system, all information and parameters can be adjusted on touch screen. Fault stop function and the error information is displayed on touch screen, easy for trouble shooting.

Machine Configuration
1. Single / Double head automatic decoiler
2. Guiding slop
3. Servo feeder
4. Hole punching unit
5. Servo V notching unit
6. 45 and 135 degree servo cutter
7. Output conveyer
8. Product stacking table
9. Pneumatic system
10. Electrical control system

Radiator Production Line (Radiator Forming Machine)
Parameters of Transformer Core Cutting Machine
Item Spec
Cutting 350, 400, 600, 900mm, etc
Cutting Thickness 0.23 to 0.5mm
Max Coil Weight 1000 to 5000kg
Cutting Piece Length 250 to 2500mm, 400 to 3500mm, etc
Max. Feeding Speed 120m/min
Length Accuracy ±0.2mm
Cutting Burr ≤0.02mm
Life of Cutting Blade More than 1 million cutting
Total Installed Capacity 15 to 45kW
Amount of Pressure Air 1.5 to 3 M3/min
Air Pressure 0.7 to 0.8Mpa
Cutting Piece Yoke, Limb, Middle limb, etc
Servo Feeding System Delta or Siemens
Plc and Touch Screen Delta or Siemens
Power Supply 380V+- 10%, 50Hz or custom made
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